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Everyone deserves to be healthy, but it can be hard to know how to get there.

At Watershine, we support our clients in taking charge of their life by restoring their health using Constitutional Hydrotherapy, Qigong & Naturopathic Medicine.


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Our Thriving Clients…

I was amazed by how much Dr. Ervin genuinely listened to my story and asked questions that allowed me to feel like we were actually getting somewhere.
— Andrew
I don’t know what you did to me but i feel better than i have for 6 years...
— Sandra
After class, I could feel myself buzzing in my hands and deep in my body. My mind was calmer.
— Qigong student
I had been diagnosed with nerve dysfunction and was taking gabapentin for years. After a few treatments, the nerve issues improved dramatically. My doctor worked with me to get off the gabapentin while the Watershine program continued to work with me to restore my health.
— Jamie
After just my first class, I finally understood a decision I needed to make. I went ahead with it and felt at ease.
— Qigong student